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Boot Camp for Lay Supply and Part Time Local Licensed Pastors
Choose from Three Dates in Summer 2017

Some of the things you will learn:

• Mission statement & trajectory for the Arkansas Conference.

Expectations for serving a local church and being a part of the connectional system

Who do you report to:  Bishop, District Superintendent, Circuit Elder, PPRC?

Social Media - How can you use social media for ministry?

Sacraments, weddings, funerals, communion, baptisms—Can I preside at these?

How do you handle confidentiality issues, sacred conversations  - Annual Timeline - July-June  - Year at a glance—What is expected of you next?

Learn about: weekly reporting with Vital Signs online, tithe Initiative collections, tracking year end statistics and preparation, charge conferences, how to track membership, MissionInsite for your ministry setting, and conference and district websites and newsletters.

How do you relate to your Circuit Elders?

You are the administrative officer of the church.  What does that mean?

Acronyms—What do they stand for?  GBHEM, BOM, GCFA

DCOM & BOM - What is your relationship with them?

Annual Conference - Do you really need to attend?

What is the Book of Discipline? 

Clergy compensation form & Clergy tax issues -- quarterly estimates - Does this affect you?

How do I obtain an ARUMC email address?

What are the Centers for Vitality and Technology and how can they resource our ministry?

AND . . . . MUCH MORE! 


All three 2017 Boot Camp Workshops are 10am-1pm, with a snack lunch served. 
Choose a Saturday Date and Location that best fits your schedule.
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