LAHS Parent Volunteer Form

Use this form to sign up to Volunteer to benefit your student/s at LAHS.  There are many fun and important opportunities.   Each parent/adult in the family is welcome to submit this form.
Any questions?  Please contact Amy Heath at
Check all Volunteer Opportunities below that you may be interested in.  
The Chairperson will contact you within the appropriate timeframe for each task.
Feel free to email the chairperson with any questions.
Athletic Boosters
Support LAHS sports teams through projects and fundraising activities.
Co-Chairs: Valerie Cairns, and
                 Angela Player,

Challenge Day
Volunteer for a day during this unique, experiential social & emotional
learning program for both sophomores and juniors that is designed
to ignite a shift toward greater school connectedness, empathy, and inclusivity.
Juniors - September 26, 27 & 29
Sophomores - January 23, 24 & 26
Co-Chairs:  Sonia Gaur,
                    Asha Kumar,  
Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN
We are still looking for another Co-Chair as well as a Volunteer Coordinator for Challenge Day. The Volunteer Coordinator wil recruit from our parents and the community at-large.  If you would be willing to help this committee, please indicate that in the comments for Challenge Day or contact Amy Heath for more information.
College Fair Dinner
Coordinate dinner delivery to LAHS campus for 50-100 college representatives.
Date: September 14, 2022              
Co-Chairs: TBD
We are still looking for a chairperson for College Fair Lunch.  If you would be willing to help co-chair this event, please indicate that in the comments for College Fair Lunch.
Grad Night 2023
Volunteer to help with the graduation party for seniors                                    
Date: June 8, 2023               

Co-Chairs: Liz Bacchi,
                 Jeanine Stiff,
Graduation Reception
Set up and serve refreshments for seniors and guests following                
Date:  June 8, 2023

Co-Chairs: TBD  (Typically a Junior parent)
We are still looking for chairpersons for Graduation Reception.  If you would be willing to co-chair this event and are not a parent of a senior, please indicate that in the comments for Graduation Reception.
Homecoming Reception Decorations
Responsible for the decorations for the brunch given for members          
of the Homecoming Court and their families
Date: October 28, 2022

Chair: Maija Lahdesmaki,
Instrumental Music Boosters  
Help fundraise and provide logistical support to the Instrumental Music           
Program and its performances.

Chair: Chris Hondl,
LUCHA (Latino Alliance)
Inform, support and educate Latino parents about the educational          
system and their role in the academic success of their children.            

Chair: Atossa Shafa,
MVLA High School Foundation
Telephone for pledges during the Fall phonathon. Spanish and                
Mandarin speakers needed.

Chair: Kristine Bardman,
Office Volunteers
Provide assistance to Students & Parents at the Counseling Office         
Volunteer Desk OR File Attendance Slips in the Attendance Office.

Chair: Asha Kumar,
Parent Education
Help co-ordinate programs, parenting and wellness speakers.                 
Co-Chairs: Megan Crissman,
                    Nikki Seldon,
Pizza Cart
Staff the lunchtime pizza cart.                                                                          

Chair: Sharon Tan,
Snack Bar
Staff the lunchtime Snack Bar.                                                                         
Chair: Natasha Stirrup,
Staff Appreciation
Coordinate staff appreciation for teachers and staff.  In the past          
appreciation was in the form of a breakfast in August and a dinner in

Chair: Ria Friedman,
Help find inspiring speakers for our students, or help with logistics       
during STEAM week
Date: TBD, likely October 2022
Co-Chairs: Daisy Capetz,
                    Grace Tsang,
Student Directory
Help with setting up Online Student directory
Chair: Lillian Stadler (                                                  

Sustainability Committee
Plan and implement green practices and activities for the school

Co-Chairs:  Linda Lee,
                    Laura Larghi,
Volunteer to help distribute textbooks at the beginning of the year and/or
reshelve at the end of the year.  Shifts are typically 2 hours in the
textbook room.                                                  

Chair: Christina Sabin,
Help translate and interpret for non-English speakers as                         
Chair: Atossa Shafa,
Interpret (Speak)? *
Translate (Write)? *
Interpret (Speak)? *
Translate (Write)? *
Interpret (Speak)? *
Translate (Write)? *
Writers Week
Help plan the event, escort writers to classrooms,    
bring salad/baked goods for lunches.  
Date: TBD, likely early Spring, 2023                                                

Co-chairs: Julie