Connect With and Donate To LAHS Parent Organizations

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Thank you for supporting the parent-led organizations at LAHS.  We are living in unprecedented times and it is important our community is connected and supportive.  By completing this form, parents will be able to: 
                       * Learn about, join, connect and communicate with parent-supported organizations
                       * Donate to all LAHS organizations using one payment method
                       * Receive purchase receipt immediately and tax receipt upon verification of payment
4 Easy Steps:

Step 1:  Provide Family Data information.
Step 2: Make a pledge to MVLA High School Foundation. 

Step 3:  Join and donate to PTSA, Athletic & Instrumental Music Boosters
and other organizations that rely on parent and community financial
Step 4:  Pay via Credit Card (*preferred*) -- organizations
will absorb the small, non-profit, processing fee.  If you must pay by
check (NOT preferred), please make payable to "LAHS PTSA".  A purchase
receipt will be emailed to you.

Please allow 5-7 minutes to complete this form
Submit this form only once, each entry is as if you turned in a paper form. 
Questions? Contact Lillian Stadler at

Family Data Information - One Form Per Household

Parent or Member Information
IMPORTANT: Cell Phone is used ONLY by the PTSA for issues or questions relating to this form, it will never be shared.
Student Information
Will be used for any issues matching families and payments.  
Additional Household Information
*Do any of your students at LAHS have parents/guardians residing at a different address? *
If so, please provide information so they have the opportunity to join, or donate to, these organizations and for communication purposes as well.

MVLA High School Foundation Pledge Amount

The MVLA Foundation raises funds to support essential academic programs and services which benefit all students in the MVLA High School District this year--including Chromebooks, smaller freshman class sizes, Tutorial and College & Career Centers, Innovative Learning Grants, and more!
(Detailed payment instructions will also be included in your email purchase receipt)
Suggested donation of $1000 per student, but any amount is appreciated.
For My MVLA Foundation Donation Pledge, I:
Any amount is appreciated and makes a difference!

PTSA - Parent, Teacher, Student Association

The PTSA brings together Parents, Teachers and Students to support programs that enhance the educational experience for all LAHS students.
1. MembershipWe encourage all parents, teachers, and students to join PTSA to benefit the LAHS community and children across the nation.  We provide volunteer and financial support for the high school, and our collective voice is more powerful with a high number of PTSA members.
PTSA members will have access to a student directory!   (This year it will be online)
a. PTSA Membership
b.  Type of Member: *
2. Direct Ask Donation- The PTSA relies heavily on donations to support programs to help enhance the learning experience at LAHS for students, teachers, and parents.  Whether on campus or remotely, the PTSA will strive to provide support to the school community.  We would be grateful for your continued donations during this unprecedented time

$100 per student is the recommended amount.

Athletic Boosters

Athletic Boosters is a non-profit group comprised of parents, grandparents, community members, alumni, and teachers.   We strive to support our athletic teams through the purchase of uniforms, equipment, and coach training.
Membership: (Membership monies of $500 can be assigned to specific sports.)
Allocate my Donation of $500 to: *
Please make sure the amounts you entered for your breakdown by sport add up to your total donation amount!

Instrumental Music Boosters

Instrumental Music Boosters is the sole parent/community source of funding for the instrumental music department and pays 95% of the department’s expenses, buying music, repairing equipment, purchasing new instruments, funding music clinicians and support staff, and providing student scholarships. Your donations through this form create the operating funds for the year, reducing the need for individual fundraising projects.
Direct Ask Donation: Donations of $350+ will receive free family admission to all LAHS instrumental music concerts!  NOTE: $350 level must be reached PRIOR to including any matching funds in order to receive free family pass.

$350 is the recommended amount.

Visual and Performing Arts Donations

Performing and Visual Arts often ask parents to assist with costs of an activity or production.  In addition to the items listed below, your donations allow all students to participate regardless of ability to pay.  There is no Boosters organization to support these programs.
1. Choir:
Donations will help fund distance learning rehearsal equipment, sheet music, and classroom supplies.
2. Acting 1 and Broken Box Theatre Company:
Donations are used to buy performance rights for virtual or live productions as well as to fund the purchase of scripts, costumes, props, and sets materials.
3. Dance:
Donations to the Dance Department will help fund creating and editing possible virtual performances, if live performances are not possible.  It can also help fund costumes, possible set pieces, and publicity for the dance show, as well as providing dance shoes to students in financial need.
4. Visual Arts:
Funding provides a portion of the art supplies for Drawing, Painting, Photography and Studio Art classes.

Speech and Debate Donations

Speech and Debate is open to all students regardless of ability to pay.  Many participating families are able to pay, but scholarships support those who are not able to contribute.  Please help support the program!
Speech and Debate Donation:

PE Self Defense Donations

Funding provides the addition of a self defense unit in PE. Unit covers the principles and skills of safety, peace of mind, courage, abundance and confidence. Topics include safety, anti-bullying, assertiveness, respect and inclusion, self esteem and self defense.