Check out our EVENT page HERE for the FULL SCHEDULE of the day (and each session), age limits & splits for events...and much more info.
Each contestant must complete a separate online entry.
Pre-entry will only be counted if payment is received at the same time.  Cash/check day of race payment choice will be on hold until payment received. 
EXHIBITIONS/WARM-UPS ONLY:  If you are not entering events, click NEXT to skip ahead.
Register your A-Horse first (the horse you'd like to run first) and then you'll have the option to register additional horses.  We will give you as much time between horses in the draw as we can.
YOUTH SIDEPOT: There is NO separate Youth run.  To enter the Youth sidepot, you MUST enter the Open 4D or the 2nd Open.  MUST be age 17 & under as of race day!
PEEWEES: MUST be age 10 & under as of race day! Cannot enter other events.
EVENTS (A-horse) 🛈
Will you be running another horse? *