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This grant application is for existing congregations applying for a project grant. A project grant is for a specific, new project that meets the criteria listed on the Grand Canyon Synod Grants Program web page.    

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Ministry and Contact Information

Program and Funding Information

Please answer the following, be concise, but use as many lines as necessary.
Have you received other grant monies in the past 12 months? *
If grant funds were previously received from the Grand Canyon Synod, has a Grant Report been submitted? *
Timeline for project

Project Expenses

Please provide below an itemized list of anticipated project expenses and a list of funding sources (with amount expected from each source). Include in-kind contributions.
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Project Income

Include amount requested from the Grand Canyon Synod.
Estimated Amount

In-Kind Support (if applicable)

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Estimated Value

Project Grant Report

Within one year of receiving a Project Support Grant the congregation must submit the GCS Project Report. This form is available on the Grand Canyon Synod website.

In addition, each congregation must submit the ELCA Annual Congregational Report due in February each year. (Information and instructions to complete this form are provided by Churchwide in December of the previous year.) 

Failure to submit the appropriate report may result in future grant funds being held.


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