APEX / IFSA Awards Application Form

The APEX / IFSA Awards are open to members of both organizations (airlines, vendors, lessors for APEX and airlines, rail, caterers and suppliers for IFSA).
Entries must be recieved no later than 1 June 2019.
Select the Award you are applying for: *
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This submission may be accompanied by up to 3 jpeg images (if relevant) not to exceed 20 MB.

The APEX / IFSA Awards are open to all APEX / IFSA members.

You may submit multiple entries; however, each entry will require a separate form.

Peer review judges will judge each entry based on their application and attachments using the judging criteria for each award.  The 3 highest rated entries will become finalists and move to the next round.

Award finalists will be required to personally present their achievement prior to EXPO via video conference for APEX and APEX IFSA joint awards and in person at EXPO for IFSA.

This presentation is strictly limited to 7 minutes and will take place prior to EXPO (unless otherwise noted, e.g. IFSA and Crystal Cabin Awards), via web conference.  The finalists may use PowerPoint, audio and/or video to make their presentations.