2025 APEX / IFSA Awards Application Form

The APEX / IFSA Awards are open to members of both organizations (airlines must be members, vendors, lessors for APEX and airlines must be members, rail, caterers and suppliers for IFSA).
The APEX / IFSA Awards recognize specific achievements that are successfully implemented in the past year (defined this year as July 2023 - June 2024). The achievements should not be just a general improvement or a modification upon an already existing program - they must be innovative and new.
Entries must be received no later than Monday 29 July, 2024.
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This submission may be accompanied by up to 3 .jpeg images and/or PDF file (if relevant) not to exceed 20 MB.

The APEX / IFSA Awards are open to all APEX / IFSA members (airlines must be members). Questions about your membership status? Please reach out to info@apex.aero for more information.

You may submit multiple entries; however, each entry will require a separate form.

Peer review judges will judge each entry based on their application and attachments using the judging criteria for each award.  The 3 highest rated entries will become finalists and move to the next round.

Award finalists will be required to personally present their achievement for in person judging at EXPO.