Call for Session Proposals

APEX EXPO (Annual):
The only event exclusive to experts and decision-makers committed to elevating the level of the airline passenger experience from around the world. It is the industry's 4-day premier event featuring top-notch education and the latest and most comprehensive display of airline related technologies, products and services. There are general educational sessions as well as breakout tracks with sessions focusing on specific topics.

TECH (Typically two per year, held in Southern California, USA):
Leading technical experts in the IFE and communications industry make these meetings a priority in order to evaluate new technologies and create industry wide quality and compatibility standards. Attendees also address technical issues related to onboard equipment and systems, connectivity and other vital technology issues impacting the industry today.


If you would like to submit a session idea, please contact Lauren Costello at or +

Background Information & Session Selection

All submission materials must be complete and accurate upon receipt. Information provided may be used in promotion collateral. APEX reserves the right to make recommendations and requirements for revisions of content and/or speakers within proposals prior to acceptance. All content submitted is subject to approval.

APEX will consider the educational value of each proposal and the extent to which it presents new and/or significant information to APEX members. Sessions will be reviewed based on: creativity and appeal, cutting-edge information that has not been previously presented, expertise of proposed speakers and speaker selection related to experience and topics.

Additional consideration will be given to proposals that include JOINT AIRLINE REPRESENTATION.

Session Proposal

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The session planner will be the primary contact for the session and should be knowledgeable about the work of the presenters. 


Please ensure proposed speaker(s) are confirmed prior to proposal submission. APEX may recommend, modify or require alternative speaker(s) prior to any session acceptance. Strong consideration will be given to sessions that are jointly presented with AIRLINE representation. 

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APEX COMMERCIALISM POLICY: APEX maintains full control over the planning, content and implementation of all sessions presented at APEX events including the selection of speakers. The intent of APEX programs is to provide quality sessions focused on educational content, which is free from commercial influence or bias. APEX prohibits presentations that constitute promotion and/or advertising. Presentations that are sole descriptions of a program, publication, or product will not be accepted. To this end, program planners, session participants and sponsors are prohibited from engaging in scripting, targeting points for specific emphasis or other actions designed to influence the overall content of the program. Statements made should not be viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal position taken on any product, subject, or issue by APEX. It is the responsibility of the program planner to ensure compliance from all speakers. *