Disaster Relief Fund Application

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Your center impacts your community as you work to preserve the sanctity of human life every day. When tragedy strikes, your community is affected in so many ways – including suffering the lack of your services or support due to damage.

Here at Keener Marketing, we want to offer our support and help. We know that your work is very important, and we want to provide your center with the resources necessary to reach people in need.

We’ve set aside $5,000 in a Disaster Relief Fund for our centers to help restock printed materials that have been damaged. If your center has been affected by a recent disaster, please fill out and submit this form. We will review all the applications we receive and contact you to let you know what your portion of the fund will be.

May God bless your ministry during this diffcult time as you seek to rebuild and press on toward the goal.

You can also download a PDF application and fax it back to us at your convenience. Download PDF Application
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