YMCA at ACRC Membership Application

YMCA at ACRC Membership Termination Form

We are sad to see you go! Please complete this form to terminate your Membership at the YMCA at ACRC. Once you have it complete, save it to your desktop, then you can select the file to upload it here:

I understand that the YMCA at Austin Community Recreation Center required two full months of membership dues before terminating. I must terminate my membership by the 26th of the month in order to cancel my membership for the next month and stop the automatic debit/credit transfer of funds. My membership fees are non-refundable and I will be charged for the months I was a member even if I didn’t use my membership. By choosing to terminate my membership, I will have to pay the joiner fee if I decide to reapply for membership if more than 30 days have passed. Canceling my membership will result in forfeiture of any unapplied insurance reimbursement. I will be responsible for any outstanding balances before I am able to cancel my membership. *