YMCA at ACRC Summer Daze 2020 Program Survey

Family Information
The information collected below will help us interpret the suvery responses and develop solutions that will best meet the needs of our community. 
How are you feeling about this summer? What's the likelihood that your child(ren) will attend Summer Daze? *
Coming out of a period of quarantine, what offerings would you value most for your children or family this summer? *
 Extremely ImportantVery ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important
Address Learning Gaps Due to School Closures
Disconnect from Technology
Exposure to Nature
Fulfill Childcare needs
I Want Them to HAVE FUN!
Making New Friends
Reconnect with Peers In-person
Skill Development During Activities
If you plan to have your child(ren) attend Summer Daze, please provide their names and ages below.
What kind of care do you need? *
Hours of care: *
Would you prefer to provide individual supplies for your child(ren) or pay a one-time program supply fee? *