Membership Hold

• My hold will be effective April 1, 2020 through the end of June 2020 with no fee.
• I may reinstate my membership at any time, including the moment the doors reopen.
• There will be a process to reinstate my membership and I promise to have patience with the staff at the YMCA.
• If I do not reinstate my membership before the 3 month period ends, my membership will be terminated and I will be required to pay the $50 joiner fee to renew my membership.
• I may not use the facility while my membership is on hold, unless I purchase a Day Pass.
• As a Member of the YMCA Community, I will do everything I can to support our community during this unprecedented time. This includes helping my family, friends and neighbors.
• I promise to always wear a smile and be kind because I may not know what battles others are fighting.
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