JA Coat of Arms               Pay Student Fees via Jeffco Connect
Jeffco Connect is the location for parents to complete their student's contact and demographic information.
This can be done from any computer that has an internet connection.
This is also the site to access the Jeffco Student Fee Payment and meal payment systems.

Log in to Jeffco Connect

On the left side menu, select “Jeffco Student Fee Payment”

Click on the Green Arrow

At the top of the screen, click “Deselect All”

The Course Fees on your student’s account are for classes that your student has on their schedule for all 4 quarters.  If you think your student might drop a class, don’t pay that fee.

Optional fees are marked OPT- .  These are athletic fees, yearbook purchase, etc.

Click on each fee that you want to pay (add to the cart).

Click Next at the bottom of the screen.

Enter your email address.  A receipt will be emailed to you.

Click on Proceed to Checkout.

You are able to view a list of fees that have been paid.  After logging in to Jeffco Connect, click on Jeffco Student Fee Payment. 

Next to the student name is a Fee Stmt (Statement).  The icon looks like a piece of paper.  Click on that icon.  Scroll down to the bottom of the list of owed fees to see the section listing paid fees.

You are also able to pay for lunches via Jeffco Connect using the MyPaymentsPlus (MealPay) link which is located right above the Jeffco Student Fee Payment link.