JA Secondary 2020/21 First Quarter Enrollment Confirmation Form

To plan for the reopening of Jefferson Academy Secondary in August, we need families to fill out this short Enrollment Confirmation Form. This form indicates your formal selection of the learning option for your student(s) for the first quarter only (August 24-October 16).
Please review this form carefully and select the best option for your family. If you have more than one secondary student, please submit a form for EACH student so we will know the preference for each student. Forms should be submitted by August 12, 2020.
What is your student's grade for the 2020-2021 school year? *

First Quarter Options


--Includes two days in-person instruction at the JA secondary campus and three days remote learning from home each week throughout the first quarter. Students will be assigned to be on the JA campus either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday. The days will not alter.
--All students will be remote learning Wednesday, and on the other two days they are not on campus.
--Masks will be worn at all times by students, staff, and families.
--The commons, locker rooms, senior and faculty lounges, art gallery, library and all additional common spaces will be closed at all times.
--Temperature checks and symptom screens will be completed prior to entrance into the building.
--The building will open at 7:15 a.m., however, not everyone can enter at that time. Students who need to be in the building earlier than their first class must complete an early arrival reservation. Zero-hour students will be permitted in the building at 7:15 a.m.; A-block students can enter the building beginning at 8 a.m.
--Visitors, vendors, and volunteers will not be allowed to enter the building. Family members will not be permitted to bring items (including food) into the building at any time for the safety of the students and staff.
--Lockers will not be available for use.
--Students will eat lunch in their C-block classes with their classmates, socially distanced.
--Juniors and seniors will remain on campus during lunch.

Option #2: 100% REMOTE AT-HOME

--Allows 100% remote learning from home throughout the first quarter.
--Students should expect an increased demand on their time when compared to their Spring experience with remote learning.
--Remote learning will include both synchronous and asynchronous activities designed and communicated by the teacher:
Synchronous learning is when classes occur on set schedules and time frames. Students and instructors are online at the same time in synchronous classes since lectures, discussions, and presentations take place at specific hours. All students must be online at that exact time in order to participate in the class.
Asynchronous activities let students complete their work on their own time. Students are given a time frame during which they need to connect to their class at least once or twice.
--Students will be expected to login and complete work each day.
--Students will engage in both group work and individual work, as well as attend lectures during their scheduled class time.
--Junior high students who wish to participate in GIRLS VOLLEYBALL must select the HYBRID IN-CLASS learning option rather than REMOTE AT-HOME so they can take part in the classroom activities; all other junior high students who wish to participate in after-school, first-quarter sports can choose either learning option. High school students who wish to participate in JA athletics can choose either learning option (per CHSAA approval of athletics).

Other Factors To Consider

--No matter which option you choose, the first day of classes will be Monday, August 24. The first two weeks will be in a 100% REMOTE AT-HOME learning format. Beginning September 8, JA Secondary will also implement the HYBRID IN-CLASS option for those students who chose it.
--Students can switch their designated learning option through September 11. After that point, students may change to the 100% REMOTE AT-HOME learning option at any time, but may NOT return to the HYBRID IN-CLASS option until the beginning of the next academic quarter.
--For the first quarter, all student schedules are designed to group students in cohorts (a practice that groups the same students together as much as possible for the entire day). So, regardless of their designated learning option, if students wish to change their schedule, they must change their ENTIRE schedule so they can be placed in another cohort. Individual course changes will not be permitted. Changes to student schedules can be requested until August 26.
Please tell us your preference for your student for the FIRST QUARTER of the 2020-2021 school year (August 24-October 16). *
If your student chooses the HYBRID IN-CLASS learning option, please tell us your preference for in-class days (unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your request): *
To help our community support one another through this unique first quarter, we would like to gather some additional information. Remote learning may be hard for some families and less burdensome for others. Where do you stand? While we know volunteers won't be able to come inside our building this first quarter, they can still do amazing things outside by organizing carpools, creating small cohort-friendly student study opportunities, finding homes for unused laptops, etc. If one of the following statements applies to your family, please let us know.  *
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