Jefferson Academy Elementary School
2022-23 Registration 
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Helpful Tips:
  • It’s easier to sign your forms using a finger or stylus on a touchscreen device
  • Be sure to turn off Auto Correct on your device

The best way to begin is to update your Jeffco Connect account first, because it is the location for parents to complete their student's contact and demographic information and can be done from any computer that has an internet connection. This is also the site to access the Jeffco Student Fee Payment and meal payment systems.

Be sure to look through Documents page on our website to find medical and other miscellaneous forms needed to begin your student's school year.  These forms must be completed for each student.

The medical forms (for those students with health care needs) need to be filled out and signed by you and your healthcare professional. It’s best to use a computing device you can save to and print from. These forms may be faxed (303-438-1046) or email to

Don’t forget...

Pay your PTO Fees

If something doesn’t make sense along the way, contact: Shelly Cohen (

Step 1
School Registration Begins: Here
Every parent and student will be required to read and complete the
9 sections.
Step 2
Infinite Campus Parent Portal: Here
Pay your Student Fees
Every parent and student will be REQUIRED to apply a digital signature to the
Agreements provided by Jefferson County Public Schools.
You are also required to update your information in the Infinite Campus Parent
Portal account for every student enrolled at Jefferson Academy.
Step 3
Health Care Forms: Forms & Links
The medical forms are only necesary for students who may need to take medications
at school.
Step 4
Jag Care (before/after school care)
For those that have secured a position in our before/after school program.
These forms must be submitted by Friday, August 12.
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