SWOT Exercise Worksheet

Employee First Name

What do you think your great at?
What do people like you?
What do others say you are great at?
What do you like about yourself?
What do you love to do?
What are you doing when you are at your best?
What experience do you have?
What makes you unique?
What are your credentials?
What types of situations do you handle well?


Job Factors & Competencies
What do you struggle with?
What is your Achilles heel?
What are other people seem better at?
What do people complain about pertaining to you?
What is your experience level?
When do you struggle?
What credentials do you need?
What frustrates you?


What classes should I take to enhance my knowledge, skills and behaviors?
What resources would I like the organization to make available to me to support my growth and success?
Who can help me reach my goals? Which leaders in the organization can support me with my career goals? Who are they?
What projects in the organization would I like to get involved with?
Which traits, if embraced, would support my growth? Ex. positive attitude, ambition, collaboration, trust
What goals have I set for myself for 2015-2016 and what steps have I taken to achieve them?


What do I perceive as the roadblocks to my success?
Am I working to my highest potential? If yes, how. If no, why?
What skills and I lacking?
Which behaviors are holding me back? Ex. complacency, negativity, lack of ambition, gossipy