Chabaso Bakery Employment Application

Chabaso Bakery is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, gender, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Applicant Information


Have you ever applied to Chabaso Bakery? *

Have you ever worked at Chabaso Bakery? *
If hired, and you are under 18 years of age, can you furnish a work permit?
If hired, can you provide proof of identity and authorization to work in the United States? *
Do you now, or will you in the future, require sponsorship to work at Chabaso Bakery? *

Desired Employment

Employment Type? *
Are you willing to work overtime? *
Are you willing to travel?
What days are you unavailable to work? *
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Education (starting with the most recent)

Did you graduate?
Did you graduate?

Skills and Qualifications

List any other special training, experience, skills, or qualifications relevant to the position for which you are applying. 

Employment History (starting with the most recent)

Please give accurate and complete information. Start with your most recent employer, including self-employment, part-time work, and military employment. Account for your entire employment history including gaps in employment. All information must be included, even if you are attaching a resume.

May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?
May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?
May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?

Professional References

Please list three professional references. A professional reference is a former manager or client you reported to and who can recommend your employment.
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

Disclaimer and Signature

STATEMENT (Please read this statement carefully before signing this application):

I understand that employment with Chabaso Bakery is at-will, meaning that I or Chabaso Bakery may terminate my employment at any time, or for any reason consistent with applicable state or federal law.

I authorize Chabaso Bakery to conduct a thorough background investigation of my work, personal history and verify all data given on this application and during interviews. I hereby release the Organization, and its representatives or agents, from any liability that might result from such an investigation. I authorize all individuals, schools, and firms named to provide any requested information and release them from all liability for providing the requested information.

I understand that Chabaso Bakery requires the successful completion of a drug and/or alcohol test as a condition of employment. If employed, I will be required to provide original documents which verify my identity and right to work in the United States. The document(s) provided will be used for the completion of Form I-9.

I understand this application will be active for a period of 90 days; after that time, if I wish to be considered for employment, I must submit a new application. I certify that all the statements in this completed application are true and understand that any falsification or willful omission shall be sufficient cause for dismissal or refusal to hire.
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