Metro-McGregor Kiwanis Committee Assignment Request

Committees *

Club Administration
Chair: Rachel Toomey (President-elect)
Responsible for the organization of all meetings including guest speakers.The committee also deals with planning menus for meetings and where the club meets for meetings. Finally, the committee invites members to be song leader, Kiwanis educational minute, invocations, etc.

Service and Service Leadership Programs
Chair: Harris Segel
Resposible for organizing and planning all service projectsa and Service Leadership Programs (SLP's) sponsored by the club. The committee will sponsor new projects as possible and assess the success of each project. They also communicate to the club each project/meeting and work to insure volunteers from the club as needed.

Financial and Fundraising
Chair: Paul Weinstein
Responsible for financial matters related to the club budget including overseeing fundraisers and insuring volunteers for these projects. They also will brainstorm new fundraising ideas to send to the board of directors for approval..

Chair: Stewart Ross
Responsible for matters related to membership growthand retention of the club. This includes two membership blitz meetings during the year and ongoing membership orientation and developmemt. The committee is charged with attaining the membership growth goalsset by the board of directors.They also develop and oversee the mentor program for new members.

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