Social Work Online Course 7: “Weeding out the Truth” about medical Marijuana

Course description

Treating symptoms of Huntington’s disease is often mentioned as many states are offering medical marijuana. This session will look at the research literature with cannabis and HD, what symptoms might be helped and how social workers can answer patient questions about the use of cannabis.




Leora Fox joined HDSA as Manager of Research and Mission Programs in August 2017. She obtained her PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior at Columbia University, where she studied how brain cells clear away deposits of harmful huntingtin protein. Previously a medical writer and contributing author at HDBuzz, Dr. Fox supports HDSA’s efforts towards funding research and communicating the science of Huntington’s disease. She works closely with HDSA fellows to support their progress, creates oral and written materials to explain the science behind current trials, and writes This Week in HD Research, HDSA’s new science blog. She is passionate about communicating science to the HD community so that families can keep abreast of scientific progress and make informed decisions about participating in clinical research.


Learning Objectives  

  • Name three chemical components of cannabis.
  • Describe three potential responses of cannabis for HD patients.
  • Give two examples why cannabis is not regularly prescribed for the HD community.