Social Work Online Course 6. Genetic Counseling Issues for Young Adults


Many young people are considering genetic testing for the HD gene. An experienced genetic counselor will talk about unique issues for young adults considering testing and two young people from the National Youth Alliance will talk about their experience in whether to test or not.



Ginger Norris is a certified genetic counselor with over 20 years of experience.  She is the program manager for the HDSA Center of Excellence HD Program at the Virginia Commonwealth University Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center.  Additionally Ms. Norris is the Clinical Research Manager for the center.  She facilitates a monthly HD support group for the Richmond metro area. 


Learning Objectives

Genetic counseling issues for young Adults  

  • Name one thing that might be different counseling a young person contemplating testing for HD.
  • Explain the importance of genetic counseling as part of the guidelines for testing for HD.
  • Give an example of a cautionary tale when talking with young adults considering testing.