Social Work Online Course 8: Child Development through the lens of an HD Family

Course description 

Refreshing your education about child development, this session will review the most prominent of the child development theories looking at development through the lens of being in an HD family. Jennifer will describe how HD can affect youth development with real examples from the National Youth Alliance members and attendees to HDSA’s youth retreats. 



Jennifer Simpson, LCSW, Senior Manager of Advocacy and Youth Programs

Jennifer has been working with families affected by trauma for more than seven years. Prior to joining HDSA she worked with individuals and their children who were entering shelter fleeing domestic violence. She has been working with individuals affected by Huntington’s disease since 2014 as the Manager of Advocacy and Education, and has been involved in developing programming with the National Youth Alliance, now as the Senior Manager of Advocacy and Youth Programs, for three years.


Course objectives 

After attending this course, participants are able to:

  • Contrasting the four child development theories reviewed in this course, explain how a teenager might present when their parent has mid to late stages of HD.
  • From your biopsychosocial assessment for a child of 10, formulate how you are “where the client is” in their developmental stage on how they process their parent having active HD symptoms.
  • Explain how developmental stages can be seen as both risk and protective factors in the life of a child in an HD family.