Social Work Online Course 1: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Helping Young People Cope with Grief and Loss and the Reality of HD


This course will help social workers gain awareness and understand grief and loss from a child’s perspective; acquire knowledge in order to provide support and guidance to youth; and characterize issues that might necessitate the need for further treatment in this younger population impacted by HD.




Allison Twente, PhD, a Licensed Clinical child psychologist, is from Richmond VA.

Dr. Twente works with children and adolescents and their families. She has expertise and interest in children’s social relationships and in facilitating the adjustment of families to change, especially following death or divorce. She provides individual counseling to all age groups, and also counsels couples and families and guides parents in facilitating their co-parenting.
Dr. Twente is trained in Collaborative Practice and works as a divorce coach and a child specialist in collaborative approaches to divorce. 


After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • differentiate the meanings of grief and loss
  • describe how children differ from adults in expressing grief and loss
  • list 3 ways to help those cope with their losses