NYA Virtual Retreat Registration

Join us for a virtual NYA retreat weekend! Just like our in-person retreats, these are open to folks 12-29 who are in any way impacted by HD. That means if you're gene positive, have JHD, gene negative, at risk, not at risk but in an HD family, a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner of a person with HD in their family, or a friend of someone with HD in their family, you're welcome to join us for a weekend of connection and collaboration. 
Retreats will be a combination of large group chats, small group breakout discussions, interactive games and workshops. We will run each retreat from Noon-4pm, to minimize virtual meeting overload. 
Each retreat will be run and attended by HDSA Youth Social Workers as well as NYA Board members. We are capping our retreats at 20 people per retreat so we don't overwhelm each other and are able to truly connect and break down barriers to isolation. Each retreat is first come, first serve so sign up today! 
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