NYA Mini-Series Registration

Join us for our NYA Mini-Series sessions! Just like all of our events, these are open to folks 12-29 who are in any way impacted by HD/JHD. That means if you're gene positive, have JHD, gene negative, at risk, not at risk but in an HD family, a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner of a person with HD in their family, or a friend of someone with HD in their family, you're welcome to join to connect and find support!
We're taking important topics and conversations and hosting hour-long sessions about them every other Saturday. Join us for as many discussions as you need/want, we look forward to seeing you! 
Each mini-series session will be run and attended by HDSA Youth Social Workers as well as NYA Board members to help lead discussions and give us good and reliabile information and resources. Bring your coffee, bring your tea, and join us for a chat.