The Hayfields parking pass is ideal for those who want to stop by and check out what's happening each Sunday, without the customized experience. This no-fuss pass will let you drive in, park, and leave without any hassle. 

No coffees, no breakfast sandwiches, just parking! Let us know which days you’ll be joining us and we’ll make sure you get that perfect spot right up front! Once you're signed up, we will add you to the email list and you'll receive monthly updates concerning our car events. 

13 parking spots for $100. Why 13? This is based off our traditional "first Sundays", 12 months for the year. Plus we threw in a freebie. Ps - by signing up, you're actually only paying for 10 spots. Quite the deal!

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Available Parking

Whether you're a solo driver or leading the caravan, we want you to have the best spot for your car! Space can get tricky, which is why we want you to have the first pick for parking. 
Pergola parking will be, you guessed it, by the pergola and outdoor seating. Close to the exit and out of the way of traffic, this spot is perfect for groups as it offers some private space for you to enjoy your coffee with your friends. 
Roadside, or Bloomer parking, is perfect if you want to show off your vehicle, browse the other cars, and get to know your neighbors. This is the busy and best spot where photographers and visitors will be admiring your car as they walk through the lot. If you want a beautiful backdrop and to meet other car enthusiasts, this is the spot for you!
Front of Shop parking is very limited. We have space right under the iconic Hayfields sign where you can get that perfect photo of your car. We'll often have special guest cars parked here for everyone to view and enjoy. 
Our In & Out Parking isn't available for reservations. We try to keep this area clear for locals who aren't coming to Hayfields for the cars, but rather, the coffee! This 15-minute parking is perfect if you want to stop by briefly to pick up a to-go order! We try to keep it flexible, which is why we will be introducing an overflow lot soon!
The overflow lot will be for those who want to browse the cars with family and friends while enjoying the Hayfields experience! Photographers and onlookers will be encouraged to park in this lot so we can keep the Hayfields lot open for more vintage and exotic cars. 
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