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PLEASE NOTE: Passport numbers along with issue and expiration dates are not required, however when provided we can be sure of accuracy, and will provide you passport expiration reminders. Please be sure passport expiration dates are at least 6 months after your scheduled date of return.

Travel Preferences

We share the Primary Contact information with the Airline, unless you exercise your right to opt out. This information will only be used for operational notices such as flight cancellation or schedule changes.
Preferred Bedding (please note bedding requests are based on hotel availability and are not guaranteed)
Room Location (requests are not guaranteed)
COVID-19 Travel Waiver *
Travel Insurance: Geneva Travel & Cruise highly recommends purchasing travel insurance within 14 days of initial deposit. This protection includes trip cancellation, baggage, medical and evacuation protection. If you elect not to purchase Travel Insurance, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your travel arrangements, including any penalties imposed by suppliers. *

Disclaimer: Geneva Travel & Cruise, Inc. acts merely as an agent for suppliers in selling travel-related services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by this travel agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, cruises, etc.)
Therefore, Geneva Travel & Cruise shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. Unless the term "guaranteed" is specifically stated in writing on your tickets, invoice or reservation itinerary, we do not guarantee any of such suppliers’ rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling or handling of personal effects. 
We shall not be responsible for any failure of suppliers to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, seizure under local process, sanctions, quarantine restrictions, pandemics, war, riot, acts of civil/military authorities, fire, floods, volcanic ash, smog, earthquake, weather, hurricane, mechanical difficulties, labor stoppage (whether resulting from disputes between either party and its employees or between other parties), labor strikes, acts of terrorism, travel service provider disruption or delays, flight cancellations or delays, and any other acts, matter of things, whether or not of a similar nature. Should your trip or event be canceled due to a force majeure event, we will work diligently with the affected suppliers to reschedule, revise, or cancel your itinerary. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a refund or avoid additional costs from such suppliers or vendors.
Flights are subject to airline schedule changes. Geneva Travel & Cruise cannot guarantee flight schedules as changes are at the airline's discretion. Please watch your email for any flight time changes that may occur prior to your trip. Notification of airline schedule changes affecting flight times will be sent via email to the address given.
On the day of travel, please call the airline directly to reconfirm flight times.
Recommended airport arrival is 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 3 hours prior to departure for international flights.
Airline tickets or air tours I am purchasing are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed after the date of purchase. Post-purchase price increases may be applied due to additional costs imposed by a
supplier or government, in the form of fuel surcharges and taxes, or any combination thereof. Geneva Travel &
Cruise will make every to attempt to notify you of the additional charges due prior to collecting payment. Payment in full will protect you from these increases. It should be noted that such post-purchase price increases are relatively infrequent.
We have no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the suppliers, unsafe conditions,
health hazards, weather hazards, or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. Depending on your nationality, you may need visas to enter certain countries included in your trip. U.S. citizens should be aware that countries can deny entry to passengers with prior criminal convictions, which can include but are not limited to a DUI (driving under the influence) or defaulting on past child support. Military or government employees may have travel restrictions to certain countries, please contact your superior for further details.  For more information on entry requirements review the information on or contact the consulate for the destinations you’re traveling to. Client is responsible for any conflict with passport control and/or border security. Clients are responsible for obtaining necessary passports and visas prior to the departure of your trip. It is the responsbility of the passenger to ensure they meet all legal requirements to travel.
For Health Notices issued by the CDC, please visit We recommend speaking with your healthcare professional regarding any medical concern. Visit for information about the country you are planning to visit.
Pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Please visit for information regarding the Zika virus and pregnancy. 

Please visit for information from the TSA regarding the REAL ID Act and how it may affect you. Client is responsible for ensuring you have the proper documentation to travel.
PLEASE NOTE: Many banks limit your daily usage on debit card purchases. If you have a daily limit, you will need to contact your bank for a temporary increase. Please note Geneva Travel & Cruise recommends credit cards for payments, as your credit card will typically provide more protection than a debit card if there are supplier issues.
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