Fund Texas Choice

1. Fund Texas Choice can only help Texas residents at this time.
2. Fund Texas Choice supports people by covering the cost of their travel; FTC DOES NOT PAY for abortion procedures.  
We are here to help folks who must travel long distances to abortion clinics, folks who don't have vehicles, or folks who need a hotel room to stay overnight near their clinic.  Click here to see groups that pay for abortion procedures.
3. If you are already in the same area as your clinic, there may be a free, local volunteer group that can help you more than Fund Texas Choice. Please contact them if you see your city listed below:
> HOUSTON: Call or text Clinic Access Support Network at 281-947-2276. (
> AUSTIN or SAN ANTONIO:  Call The Bridge Collective at 512-524-9822. (
> RIO GRANDE VALLEY: Call La Frontera Fund at 956-307-9330. (
4. If you are a relative or friend filling out this application for someone else (including minors), we will need to speak with them directly to get consent before we will provide funding. 
5. If you are under 14, or filling out this form for someone under 14, we are required by state law to report this application to CPS.  If you already have been in contact with a CPS caseworker, you can provide a case number or caseworker contact information.
6. We appreciate that applicants understand that FTC may take up to 72 hours to respond to their applications with a support plan.

Application for Transportation Assistance

Please fill out this form as best you can.  None of the fields are required except for Date of Birth, Age, and Legal Name.  We deeply respect your privacy and will keep all of your information confidential. 
Who is filling out this form?
Do you need help traveling to your appointment or with a place to stay while you're in the city of your appointment? 
Age of the person with the appointment *


Whose phone number is this?
Is it safe to leave a detailed VOICEMAIL on this phone?
Is it safe for us to TEXT this phone?
If someone else answers the phone, can we talk to them?


Do you have an appointment already?
When would you like to leave for the first appointment?


What state are you in now? 
What state is your appointment in?
What city do you need to get to?
Were you planning on driving?
Do you have a place to stay once you get there?
Is someone coming with you?


What's the name of the clinic you're going to?
Have you gotten funding from any other organizations?


Are you experiencing medical complications that might prevent you from traveling safely?
Clinics won't let you bring your kids with you if there isn't someone to watch them. If you have kids, do they have someone to stay with during this trip?
Do you have a photo ID for travel purposes?
*We do not require an ID to provide funding.
*We do not require an ID to provide funding.
*If you do not have an ID, please enter your first and last name.
*If you prefer reservations be made in someone else's name, please put their name and date of birth here.

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