Requirements to Use Remote Online Notarization (RON)

You must meet the following personal and technological requirements to use online notarization:  (Scroll to the End)

System Requirements

Internet Speed

You must have a high-speed, reliable connection to the Internet.  If your connection is spotty, the session will drop-out.

Multiple Signers Need Separate Devices

Each signer or witness in an online notary session must join the online session at the appointment time using their own device (no sharing).  An email is sent to each signer’s unique email address, and these emails contain the links for the signer(s) to go online with the notary.

You Must Use a Supported Web Browser  

You must use a supported web browser, or it is simply not going to work.  Below is a list of supported web browsers:


Google Chrome - Version 30 or Higher
Mozila Firefox - Version 24 or Higher

Google Chrome (Latest Version)

Google Chrome - Latest Version
Firefox - Lastest Version

IOS Version 11 or higher only with CHROME browser.


Test your Webcam and Microphone

Make sure your webcam and microphone are working properly with your browser prior to joining the online notary session.  You can test your camera and mic at this website:

Personal Requirements

First, be comfortable using online notarization.  Our website has frequently asked questions, and we have a page that addresses privacy concerns.

Identity Verification

Florida's notary law requires that we confirm your identity using a 2-step process consisting of credential analysis and knowledge based authentication (KBA).  If you do not meet the following requirements, RON is not an option for you, because you will not pass identity verification.

You must:

  • Be a United States citizen or legal resident with a U.S. credit history that is not locked;
  • Have a valid, unexpired, US state issued driver license or ID card – (passports or military identification will not work with RON);
  • Have a social security number – (You will only be asked for the last 4-digits of your social security number during ID verification);
  • Have at least 3-5 years of credit history in the United States – (Your credit won't be, "pulled", but your credit history will be used to generate a 5-question test during the ID verification process); and
  • Have a working United States based mobile telephone number from a major carrier.  Google Voice or VoIP phone systems will not work.

Is your Credit Report Locked?

Many people have their credit reports locked to protect from fraud.   If your credit report is locked, you WILL NOT pass the ID verification process.  You will have to contact the credit bureaus to unlock your credit report prior to beginning ID verification.  The lock must be removed from all of the bureaus.

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