Lady Bird Deed Questionnaire (Enhanced Life Estate Deed)

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To guard against fraud, we require all signers and anyone preparing this questionnaire on behalf of another person, to undergo a quick 5-minute identity verification check.  After your invoice is paid, an email will be sent with a link to complete the verification.
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Enhanced Life Estate (Lady Bird) Deed Questionnaire

To learn about online notarization and the qualifications to use the service, please click here.
NOTE:  We do not notarize or record deeds for non US citizens.
NOTE:  We do not prepare Lady Bird Deeds for properties that are owned by corporations or LLC's.
NOTE:  The following Florida counties DO NOT accept e-Recording:
Baker, Dixie, Gadsden, Glades, Holmes, Lafayette, Levy, Liberty, Manatee, Sumter, Taylor, and Union.
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If owner(s) does not speak fluent English or Spanish we will need to hire a professional translator for an additional fee of $99 for the online notarization. 

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