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T-Shirt Design


Fun with Printmaking invites artists & students of any age or level to submit designs to be hand printed on t-shirts during festival at the Fun with Printmaking booth.

Deadline to submit is May 1st. Designs can be submitted electronically with this form. If you need to mail your design it can be mailed to Fun with Printmaking Committee, c/o Vinecroft Studios, 1614 Vinecroft, Grand Rapids MI 49544. Include your name, phone number, email address and t-shirt size.


• Designs must be solid black against white

• Any font is allowed, including your own handwriting or drawn lettering

• Designs must include: festival 2023, Festival 2023, festival of the arts 2023, or Festival of the Arts 2023

• Designs may include Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, MI, or Grand Rapids, Michigan

• Designs may include imagery inspired by Alexander Calder’s La Grand Vitesse stabile. 

• Drawings must be in thick black marker on white card stock

• Electronic submissions must be in vector format (.ai or .eps only. Files in jpg, .png or .gif not accepted). Stroke weight of lines must be 2pt or thicker.



Designs should reflect Grand Rapids and/or the activities and attractions of Festival and may be inspired by -

Dance, art, music, performance, festival food, culturally-inspired imagery, Grand Rapids-inspired imagery including the GR Skyline, musical instruments and images referencing the symphony, the year 2023, Alexander Calder’s “Sun Face” (the logo of the Festival of the Arts), and La Grande Vitesse (also known as “The Calder”).

Fifteen designs will be printed on t-shirts over the three days of Festival. One design per day will feature imagery inspired by La Grande Vitesse. Chosen entrants may redeem a free t-shirt printed with their design at the Fun with Printmaking booth.

Festival is June 2, 3, 4 2023. More info at

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