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Festival 2024 Food Vendor Application
Main Contact Information
I am applying as a Food Booth or Food Truck *
Are you a Non-Profit or For Profit organization? *
Because many people have dietary restrictions, Festival would like to highlight food booths / trucks with menu items that are friendly to those with food allergies. Does your menu contain food allergy friendly food? Check all that apply:
In general, what is/are the age group(s) of your organization staff / volunteers? (select all that apply):
In general, what is/are the ethnicities of your organization staff / volunteers? (select all that apply):

"Why is Festival asking me these questions?

Festival of the Arts is a non-profit organization that is funded, in part, through federal and local grants that support the operations of Festival weekend each year. In order to qualify for some grants, Festival may be asked to provide basic demographic data about our artists and vendors who participate in Festival of the Arts. Your participation is greatly appreciated."

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