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2023 Rules and Requirements for the Festival of the Arts Regional Arts Competition and Exhibition

The Festival Regional Arts Committee has decided to return to In-Person jurying for 2023. NO On-Line jurying this year.

Be prepared to upload an image of your entries for our online catalog.

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Entries must be delivered to the rear door of John S. Hyatt and Associates, 1765 Alpine Avenue NW, Grand Rapides, MI 49504, on Thursday, April 27, from Noon to 5:00 pm, Friday, April 28 from 4:00 to 9:00 pm, or on Saturday, April 29, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be signs to guide you through the parking lot to the correct door.

Jurying will be held following the submission and you will be notified of Acceptance or Non-Acceptance via email by May 7, Non-Accepted works will be available for pick-up at the same location as they were dropped off on Thursday, May 11, from Noon to 5:00 pm, Friday, May 12, From 4:00 to 8:00 pm, and Saturday, May 13, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

Underwritten by the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation 

Even though entries will be juried in-person this year, we are still requiring photographs of all works to be submitted. Those photos will be used on our website as a reference for Art Sales like they were last year. While we are not using the photographs as a gallery, please submit as high of a quality image as you can as the public will have access through the Festivalgr.org Website.  

Selected works will be in galleries from May 31 through June 30. Award winners will then be displayed at Lowell Arts, from July 8 through August 13. Again, all works selected will also be on display on the Festivalgr.org website. 


  • Residency: Residents of Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, and Ottawa Counties are eligible.
  • Age: There is no age limit.
  • All entries must have been completed in the years 2020, 2021, 2022,AND 2023 and must not have shown in any previous Festival of the Arts juried exhibition.

Categories this year will include 2-D - (Painting, Drawing, Prints), 3-D, Photography, and, Illustration, including Comic Art, Anime, and Graphic Novels.

Two sub-categories this year will be Grand River Art and Miniature Art. As they both cross all categories there will be Separate Awards for entries featuring Grand River Art or Miniature Art and they will be displayed in their own gallery spaces.   

Grand River Art must be an image of or representative of the Grand River. All media are welcome. Each Grand River Art entry counts toward the three entries you are allowed.

Miniature Art is based on size alone. All miniatures must be framed to 5” x 7” for 2-dimensional entries, and less than 4” x 4” x 8” including a base for 3-Dimensional Entries.  

There will also be a Special Award for Comic Book art.

Crop Marks will print 50 copies of the winning comic book or graphic novel. Artists must submit 6 pages of their book, mounted on a single board, for jurying, as one entry. The award winner will be selected from the entries that are selected for the Exhibition. The printed page size will be 6 5/8” x 10 1/8” and the books will include up to 36 pages including covers and editorials, printed in full color or grayscale. This award cannot be converted to a cash prize. 

The total value of Awards for the Regional Arts Competition are now over $10,000 this year.

Jurors and their bios will be posted on the Festivalgr.org website.

Requirements for entered pieces

    • For 2023, each person is allowed up to three (3) entries.
    • Entry Fees: $25 for one piece, $40 for 2 pieces, $50 for 3 pieces
    • Entry fees are nonrefundable
    • Diptychs and Triptychs - for the purposes of this competition the definition will be: a set of two or three associated works intended to be appreciated together. This is not category that allows several disparate pieces to be entered as one piece. 

For Delivery

  • Two-dimensional works cannot be larger than 54” high by 54” wide.
  • Three-dimensional works cannot be larger than 36” x 36” by 72” tall. The height must include any dolly or cart as both will have to fit through the doors and must be made safe for handling by two volunteers.
  • Paint, glue, and other finishes MUST BE DRY.

Hanging and installation:

  • All work on paper or those that are matted or mounted must be framed and wired for hanging or must include map pins or magnets. No BINDER CLIPS are allowed.
  • Exposed electrical wires, broken glass shards, sharp points, sawtooth hangers, clip frames, or exposed glass edges ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • Works may have free moving parts.
  • We cannot guarantee that electrical outlets will be available in the galleries, but if your entry requires electricity and it is available, instructions for turning the piece on and off must be included.
  • No accompanying literature will be allowed.
  • Entries selected for the exhibition will be on display in-person at the galleries chosen by Festival from May 31, through June 30, and works that receive Awards will be in a second show from July 8 through August 13. All selected works will be available for viewing and purchase through the Festivalgr.org website.

Drop-off and Pickup Requirements

  • IMPORTANT: Works which cannot be safely handled by volunteers at any time during drop-off or installation will not be accepted. Works may be rejected based on suitability and/or ease of display. The decision of the Festival 2023 Regional Arts Competition Committee on these issues is final. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Artists will be notified of their juried status via email. 
  • Entries will only be accepted at the location and on dates and during times listed above. Application forms may be filled out through the Formsite Link or the FestivalGR.org website.
  • Identification labels issued by Festival of the Arts must be attached correctly at time of drop-off.

Follow instructions on the labels emailed after online registration. The identification label must be attached to the back, upper right hand corner of each two dimensional work, and on the bottom or back of three dimensional works.

  • Pick up dates and locations for accepted entries will be sent to the artists.
  • All entries not claimed within one week of that deadline will be considered abandoned and become property of Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids and will be disposed of as seen fit.
  • IMPORTANT: The Festival 2023 Regional Arts Exhibition is conducted by Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids as a public service. Neither Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids nor any of the associated Galleries accept any responsibility for loss or damage and do not provide insurance for works submitted. Artists are advised to arrange for insurance if they wish to carry it on their works.

 Selection and Notification and Award Eligibility

  • Jurying is closed to the public.
  • Jurors do not have access to entry information including sale prices, number of works submitted, or other information apart from entrant’s signature included on work.
  • All entrants will be notified of selection status via email. 

 Sale of works during exhibition

  • We strongly suggest that all entries be for sale.
  • All sales transactions will be handled by Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids.
  • Any work purchased must remain on Physical display from the beginning of the in-person show through August 13, 2023 at Selected Galleries. Any changes to dates will be sent to artists.
  • Entrants must indicate the sale price for each entry. A commission of 25% will be deducted from the sale amount. The artist will receive 75% of the sale price. Sales tax will be added and will not come out of the artist’s percentage.
  • Only pieces that are accepted and mounted in the Exhibitions for the duration will be eligible to receive awards. 

 If you have questions or concerns email rae@festivalgr.org. Call 616.425.9881 for help. 

 Those IN-PERSON exhibitions of entries will be held from May 31 through June 30 in locations yet to be determined. Awards shows will be held at GRAM and LowellArts through August 13.

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We believe we have covered everything, but if there are changes, we will post them on the website and email you. 





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Rules and Requirements

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