SUNY Oswego Mentor-Scholar Program
2018-2019 Mentor Application
For more information regarding the Mentor-Scholar Program, please visit the
Mentor-Scholar Program website.
If you have any questions regarding specifics of the program or the application process, please contact the Program Coordinator, Andrew Buchmann (
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Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *
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Are you currently on Disciplinary Probation with the college's Office of Student Conduct and Compliance? *
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Mentor-Scholar is a full semester program where you would mentor an at-risk middle or high school student in a 1:1 after school setting and help them with both academic and social issues. Are you fully aware of this and able to stay with the program for the entire time? *
Would you be willing to work with children with special needs? *
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In addition to mentoring youth, being part of the program requires your registration and participation in a 1-credit course (per semester) that meets throughout each semester (approx. once a month). Are you fully aware and able to participate in the course, including assignment completion? *
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Are you able to provide your own transportation to and from the program? *
Would you be willing to provide rides to fellow mentors? *
Reference Information:  Please provide the contact information for one reference (from someone who is not a family member or friend).  A former employer or a professional academic reference is preferred.
The Mentor-Scholar Program has a Communication Policy and a Dismissal Policy. It is important that you read and agree to abide by these policies. Select Yes below to review both policies: *
Being part of the Mentor-Scholar Program requires that you are available for at least one of the times listed below as this is when our mentees are available. This time frame includes travel time to and from mentor sessions and remember that TRANSPORTATION IS PROVIDED TO ALL SITES. Note: Be sure to leave this time slot open in your class schedule when you register for Spring 2019 classes. Please indicate your availability, checking all the apply: *


Mentor-Scholar Communication Policy

The Mentor-Scholar Program has a strict policy concerning appropriate and responsible communication between college mentors and district participant mentees (students). The policy is to be followed as listed below:

“There is to be no contact or communication between mentors and mentees outside of sanctioned Mentor-Scholar events which will not extend beyond the period that SUNY Oswego classes are in session. The communication referenced above includes but is not limited to: face-to-face conversations, digital correspondence, messages exchanged via social media, and hand-written letters.”

This policy has been enacted to protect the physical and emotional well-being of all Mentor-Scholar participants. Both parties have agreed to a limited commitment and other meetings beyond the time specified are not the liability or responsibility of Mentor-Scholar. This policy is to remind all that district participants are minors and the appropriate contact that takes place during Mentor-Scholar sanctioned events has been established with parent consent.

For questions pertaining to any of this policy or its purpose, please contact Scott Ball, Mentor-Scholar Program Coordinator.


Dismissal Policy

The Mentor-Scholar Program has a firm policy for mentor program dismissal, or the prohibiting of continuation, to protect the integrity of all district participants (mentees), undergraduates, and the program in its collective. The criteria outlined below specifies what are the grounds for a mentor to be prohibited from enrolling or continuing in the Mentor-Scholar Program. The Program Coordinator has the ability to excuse or exempt a mentor from any of the criteria detailed below pending explanation of circumstances.

Grounds for mentor dismissal or the prohibiting of continuation are, but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate conduct: any conduct that is deemed inappropriate by the Student Code of Conduct for SUNY Oswego undergraduates, as well as, student code of conduct as outlined by district hosts.
  • Failure to complete required course assignments/trainings:
    • If mentors are not completing academic assignments they are not engaging in assignments/trainings/activities which will better train them to support their district participant and therefore, are unfit to be a mentor.
    • All mentors are expected to be positive role models and personify a commitment to academic excellence which can be passed onto district participants.
  • Frequent absences: Mentor-Scholar is a program that is built upon mentor and mentee relationships. If one of these parties is consistently absent, there will be great difficulty in establishing an effective relationship and providing academic support.
  • Violating Mentor-Scholar Communication Policy.
Do you consent to having photographs/videos taken of you while participating in the Mentor-Scholar Program and that these photographs and videos may be used for educational and/or publicity purposes? *