Heart of Phoenix Adoption Application
PO BOX 81 / SHOALS, WV / 25562
Revised May/ 2015

All adopters are subject to face to face interview for final approval

Facility visits may be required

The process can take several days to several weeks depending on how quickly we can touch base with your references. Feel free to check in during the process. Please call your references and explain a representative from Heart of Phoenix will be contacting them shortly. You are responsible to ask ALL references to return our calls or messages or to contact us.

Applications will be denied if their references refuse to be helpful and courteous. Applicants can also be denied if they are personally rude and unhelpful during their own interviews. The Application must be approved by our Board of Directors unanimously.
Applicants MUST be over 21 Years of Age *
Will the Equine Be Boarded or on Your Property? * 🛈
Describe Your Equine Handling and Riding Abilities Rating 1 through 10 *
Select the Types of Horses You Are Most Interested In *
We personally contact your farrier, your vet and you (as the applicant) as part of the application process. The additional references are required, as well, but we ask, to help expediate the process of your application, you have your 3rd, 4th and 5th references please email us or text us (they can also call if preferred) directly at suzanna@wvhorserescue.org or 304-962-7761. Please let them know to simply tell us why they recommend you as an adopter and a bit about how they know you. Your application cannot be finished without all references speaking with us, so please remember to ask them to contact us asap.

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Thank you for taking the time to consider adoption!
We cater to an adopter base that wants to be part of a solution to the neglect horses are experiencing here. Our adopters are not JUST People looking to "get a horse," but they are people who are looking to something higher, something more. . .and for those people willing to go a little further, work a little harder. . .
We try to make the process worth your while with horses that arrive UTD on all vetting, rehabbed, with honest assessments, with 24/7/365 support for the life of that adoption and give those adopters the assurance that if they cannot ever care for that horse, they have a heck of a nice organization there to step in and make sure everything is okay for that horse.