The Colonials Synchronized Skating Team - Tryout Registration 2020-2021

2020-2021 Season Contracts and deposits due April 1, 2020
2020-2021 Memberships due June 15, 2020

Skater Information

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Individual Experience

Highest Test Passed
Moves in the FieldFreestyleIce DanceUSFS Basic Skills Level
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Tryout Division

In which of the following synchro divisions would you be interested in competing as a Colonial, assuming that you are both age eligible and qualified? Please check all that apply. *
Synchro Skills - Has NOT Passed Preliminary by 10/1/20; Age as of 7/1/20: N/A
Preliminary - Test Requirements: N/A; Age as of 7/1/20: Under age 12
Pre Juvenile - Test Requirements: N/A; Age as of 7/1/20: N/A
Juvenile - Test Requirements: Juvenile; Age as of 7/1/20: Under age 13
Intermediate - Test Requirements: Intermediate; Age as of 7/1/20: Under age 18
Novice - Test Requirements: Novice; Age as of 7/1/20: Under age 16/17
Junior - Test Requirements: Junior; Age as of 7/1/20: Under age 18
Adult - Test Requirements: Preliminary; Age as of 7/1/20: N/A

Waiver Release

Assumption Of Risk and Waiver of Liability:
I am aware that figure skating is a dangerous sport and that my (or my child’s) participation in skating or training activities is at my (or my child’s) sole risk. I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc. (CFSC), Nashoba Valley Olympia, Inc., and Olympus Realty Trust, and all their directors, officers, agents, insurers, attorneys, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, losses, damages or injury, whatsoever, of any kind of nature, that I may sustained as a result of my (or my child’s) participation or activities with CFSC.
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Tryout Fee is $25 and covers both tryout sessions.  Cash or check only. Please make all checks payable to Colonial FSC, Inc.  Checks of Cash can be dropped off at the Colonial Office.