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About this Survey
FLACC - the Forest, Lake and Communities Coalition are trying to honestly gauge how area residents feel about Nevada Hydro's LEAPS project. (WWW.STOPLEAPS.INFO or FLACC.US)
In April of 2019, Nevada Hydro released a poll which purported to show strong local support for the LEAPS project and submitted it to FERC as "evidence" of local support. The poll asked a sample of residents if they were aware of the project. Less than 20 percent knew about it. When 80% of respondents said they were not aware, Nevada Hydro provided this statement as a description of the project: 

Sunshine and roses right? How could anyone POSSIBLY oppose this? Well, Nevada Hydro failed to mention a long list of potential downsides - the list is long! Bear with us.

- Giant 500KV Electrical towers as tall as 194 ft. and 32 miles of high voltage wiring will be installed from Murrieta to Corona along the pristine mountain ridge through both private property and Forest lands. The towers and high-voltage wiring with it's distinct electric zapping and humming will be the dominating feature on the mountain when you look up from the lake - forever.

- Firefighting aircraft will be at risk around these wires, endangering not only private property but also first responders. 

- Thousands of trucks day and night to deliver materials, personnel and equipment for the upper dam will be added to Ortega Highway every day for at least 4-5 years.

- Massive construction activity in Lakeland Village to build generation structure.

- Dynamite, heavy construction in our forest, noise and dust for a minimum of 4-5 years.

- No added recreational opportunities - We will not be able to use the upper reservoir for anything.

- It has been estimated 500 plus properties are at risk of forcible taking via Eminent Domain.

- A football field sized generating station will be installed in Lakeland Village. They say 300 feet underground. Certainly the giant turbines will be rumbling quietly...

- The lake level will fluctuate wildly - Lake Elsinore will have a "tide."

- Aeration of the lake as the water is cycled will add oxygen to the lake. It will not affect the lake's high nutrient content which is dictated by existing lake water, the mud on the bottom and the water sources for the lake. Phosphorous is the cause of the lake's green hue - microscopic algae. Adding oxygen and even extra water from the same sources will not improve this.

- Lake turbidity (cloudy water with disturbed solids) will increase as a result of massive volumes of water being moved. Who knows what kind of nasty things this will disturb from the lake's muddy bottom. Nevada Hydro has not presented a decisive method to alleviate this issue.

- Environmental damage to Decker Canyon will be irreversible.

- A failure of the upper dam, or tunnels / pumping station which would partially sit in active fault zones, would be catastrophic downstream.

- The project generates exactly ZERO net energy, and only generates at best 85% of energy consumed while pumping.

- The business model is to buy low, sell high. In other words, pump when energy prices are cheap, generate when it is expensive.

- The Principal manager of this project was previously ENRON management in charge of Western States business development while Californians were being shafted on energy bills by ENRON.

- Nevada Hydro, an out of state company with zero local roots was created solely for this purpose and has three employees, maybe more by now.

- Nevada Hydro sued EVMWD for $24 million and EVMWD settled. Nevada Hydro gets $2 million, the right to have EVMWD supply water, and gagged the water authority from making any negative comments or taking a stand on this project. EVMWD ratepayers are already paying Nevada Hydro through the $4 million EVMWD pured into the project on behalf of Nevada Hydro.

- Nevada Hydro Sued PG&E because PG&E would not consider the project as part of a bid for electricity projects in the LA Basin (They lost - the suit was dismissed).

- Fun fact: Nevada Hydro previously bought and currently owns the following domains: STOPLEAPS.COM.STOPLEAPS.NET and STOPLEAPS.ORG. That's OK we have STOPLEAPS.INFO!

- The City of Lake Elsinore has spent millions renovating the lake, with a new boat launch ramp and the almost-ready to open beautiful campsite location. Massive construction will not help.

- Businesses that rely on the lake and lake visitors will suffer. 

- The project has been scrapped twice due to strong public opposition and a determination of economic unfeasability yet Nevada Hydro keeps trying...


Having read what Nevada Hydro left out, please answer the following:

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Why maybe? What is the deciding factor? *
What is the main reason you would support LEAPS? *
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