Please complete this test after viewing the Clerical Safety Video. A score of 70 or better is a pass. Results are automatically submitted to your @Work recruiter.

Please check the correct answer.

1. Safety is typically not relevant to clerical work sites. *
2. You are encouraged to report any hazardous working conditions or unsafe acts to your immediate supervisor and your @Work representative. *
3. Only use proper lifting techniques when you feel necessary. *
4. If you fail to comply with both @Work and the client’s safety rules, your employment may be terminated. *
5. MSDS Sheets are also known as: *
6. Choose all of the common hazards that could result in an injury: *
7. Chose the corrective actions that help prevent injuries: *
8. A properly placed Computer Monitor needs to be: *
9. If you are injured on an assignment you should notify your supervisor and @Work: *
10. What should you do if you are asked to drive or handle negotiables on an assignment? *
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