Please complete this test after viewing the Light Industrial Safety Video. A score of 70 or better is a pass. Results are automatically submitted to your @Work recruiter.

Please check the correct answer.

1. Personal Protective Equipment or PPE include what items: *
2. What is the correct lifting procedure: *
3. If an item is too heavy or weighs over 40 lbs. you should not: *
4. When working with new tools or machinery you should: *
5. If machinery or tools are missing any guards or safety equipment you should: *
6. If you are asked to use a forklift and it is not part of your initial assignment you should: *
7. If you find a machine with a Lock Out Tag you are NOT supposed to: *
8. What is MSDS: *
9. What are job duties you should never perform while on an assignment: *
10. If injured on the assignment, you should report your injury: *
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