BW Alumni Association Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The Athletics Hall of Fame recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates the athletic achievements of members of the Baldwin Wallace University campus community. Please click here for a complete listing of past Inductees. 

The Selection Committee considers nominations in four categories based upon achievements during the nominee's time at BW: Athlete; Adminstrator/Coach; Team; and Honorary. Eligibility criteria is as follows:
  • Athlete:
    • Nominee must have graduated from BW with an undergraduate or Master's degree.
    • Nominee is eligible for consideration the 10th selection process after their graduation date OR the 10th selection process after their athletic eligibility expired, whichever is first.
    • Student-athletes who transferred into BW are eligible for consideration, with no minimum number of years enrolled/played required. Student-athletes who transferred out of BW are not eligible for consideration.
  • Administrator/Coach (Head or Assistant):
    • A former administrator/coach is eligible for consideration one year after retirement or at the end of their service at BW. They must have a minimum of 10 years of service to BW.
  • Team:
    • A team is eligible for consideration 10 years from the team’s year of success.
  • Honorary: An honorary candidate would not otherwise qualify as a BW athlete, administrator, or coach. There are two types of honorary candidates: 1.) An honorary candidate must have made a significant impact on the BW athletic program; or, 2.) An honorary candidate must have achieved regional, state, national or international levels of recognition for athletics outside of BW.
Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, year-round.
Anyone in the BW community (alumni, family members, friends, or fans) may submit a nomination for consideration by the selection committee. An alumnus may self-nominate. This award may be conferred posthumously.
The nominator is responsible for preparing the necessary documentation to support the nomination. The information should be as complete as possible.
Multiple nominators are encouraged to coordinate submitting separate nomination forms about the same individual. 
For 2023 Selection, nominations are due by March 1, 2023. 

If a nomination is not selected, it will be returned to the selection committee for review. The committee will annually vote on whether the unsuccessful nomination should remain in the queue, and thus be eligible for consideration for one more year. Only nominees chosen to receive an award will be contacted with the decision.

Please contact The Center for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement at 440-826-2104 or

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Nominations received by March 1 will be considered for the upcoming Academic Year’s awards. Consideration of nominations received after March 1 may be deferred to a succeeding Academic Year.
If you have any questions please contact The Center for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement at 440-826-2104 or