Application for Officer/Chair Position BW/Berea Rotaract Club

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Leadership Position for ROTARACT, please complete the following application. Please review the information below before you submit your application.


  • Meetings every Tuesday at 5:00 PM 
  • Attending at least TWO (2) Rotary Club of Berea meetings per semester.
  • Requirement of 15 Service Hours each semester.
  • Must attend at least TWO (2) Service Programs sponsored by ROTARACT.
  • Must meet the following GPA requirements for each positions:
        Minimum Cumulative GPA of a 2.50 for Chair positions;
        Minimum Cumulative GPA of a 2.75 for Secretary and Treasurer;
        Minimum Cumulative GPA of a 3.00 for President and Vice-President.
  • Must be a Full or Part-Time student for the entire academic year to apply for leadership.
  • Must submit a current resume with the application.

Please note the following important pieces of information:

  • Make sure you have read the Position Expectations for the position that you are applying BEFORE submitting.

  • Type all of your answers in a Word Document first.  This will allow you to be sure you have a saved copy of the application in case something goes wrong during the submission process.  This form does NOT allow you to save as you go.  You will get an automatic reply if we have received your application.

  • It is highly encouraged to have your resume critiqued by Career Services.

  • Please checkout the position responsibilities on the Rotaract Jacket Connect site.


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Thank you for your interest. Please indicate which position(s) you are applying for below. You can check more than one.
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As a reminder, we advise typing your answers into a word document and then copy/paste your answers into the online form. This way, you will always have a saved copy.
Once you paste your answers, please be sure to proof it one more time before submitting to make sure it transferred properly. If you are applying for more than one position, please make sure your answer contains comments for all positions that you are applying.
Please upload the required document below. If you are unable to upload your resume, or if the application will not send with the attachment due to its size, please email them separately to the advisor's email:

By checking the box below, I understand that I must meet the minimum criteria in both academics, conduct and title IX and be in good standing with the University. By checking the box below, I give the office of Student Life and Rotaract Organization for the purpose of this application, permission to check my records in all of these areas. I am also aware that a minimum Cumulative GPA of a 2.5 for Chair positions; 2.75 for Secretary and Treasurer; 3.00 for President and Vice-President. Current applicant's GPAs are required to apply for these leadership positions for this organization. *
You are almost ready to submit.  A final question to think about:
1) Is your resume attached?  
If you are now ready to submit, hit the button below.  You should get an automatic reply that says your application has been processed.  Thank you for applying!