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The majors that are eligible for the Choose Ohio First Scholarship for Transfer students are:
Biologychemistrycomputer science (and related majors business information systemscybersecurity analystdigital media and design: interactive design, and software engineering), pure mathematicsneuroscience and physics.


The essay questions help us learn about you in ways that your educational information alone may not explain. Please use this opportunity to tell us what makes you unique. Both essays are required. The essays should be attached to the section below and should be 300 to 500 words.


DUE TO COVID19, we are modifying our application process. If you have a recommendation letter with your BW application, we will not require one for this application process.
If you do not have a nomination on file, please list a STEM faculty nominator from the institution from where you are transferring. This could be a professor you had in class, your advisor, or a professor you've worked with and give them the link to the nomination website to complete.


By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have completed all content in this STEM Application and it is current and accurate. 
I have also read and understand that if chosen as a STEM Scholar, I will be required to:
-Participate in the program's coaching, educational, and social activities 
-Meet with my STEM Scholars success coach each semester
-Maintain Good Academic Standing and earn a grade point average each semester of 3.0
-Declare an eligible STEM major and enroll in STEM coursework related to my major each semester
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