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Thank you for submitting a nomination for the Outstanding Educator Award. This award recognizes BW alumni for both their past accomplishments and ongoing efforts in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as in colleges, universities, and community education settings. To submit a nomination, please complete the fields below and then click "Submit." The following award criteria may help you highlight specific characteristics of the nominee. 
Award Criteria
Achievement: Through superior ability or extraordinary effort, the nominee accomplishes noteworthy goals in spite of obstacles.

Leadership: The nominee provides clear direction, careful guidance, and ethical influence to reach outstanding educational outcomes.

Contributions: The nominee plays a significant part to bring about a desired change or result; advances the current standards of the profession; donates time or resources to enhance professional or scholarly goals.

Impact: The nominee has a significant influence or effect on his/her educational institution, and most importantly, his/her students.
What happens next? The Office of Alumni Relations will contact the nominee for more information in order to prepare a complete biographical file for the selection committee. The selection process takes place in the winter months. Only nominees chosen to receive an award will be contacted with the decision. All nominations remain active for five years, and nominees may be re-nominated at any time, by anyone.
Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (440) 826-2104 or email bwalumni@bw.edu.
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