Employee Tuition Remission Application

In order to request approval to use tuition benefits in 2018-19, employees must complete the following form before the start of the academic term benefits are to be used.

Before completing this application, please note:

  • A separate application is necessary for each recipient (i.e., an employee as a student, a spouse as a student, etc.)
  • A new student applicant must be accepted to the University through the Office of Admission and registered for classes prior to completing this application -- Otherwise, you are not eligible to apply.
  • Graduate and Undergraduate students of part time employees must apply each term.  Graduate and undergraduate students of full time employees must apply at the start of the academic year.  Max allowed per semester is 18 credits not exceed 36 credits total for that academic year, summer to spring.
  • Graduate students must reapply each year and may only receive benefits during terms in which the employee is receiving a paycheck from the University.
  • Benefits apply only to regular classroom instruction and student teaching.  They do not apply toward fees, room, board, music lessons, etc.
  • Currently the following programs are closed to Faculty, Staff, Spouses and dependent children; BSN, LHE, Speech Pathology, Public Health, and PA program.  Dependent children are not eligibible for graduate tuition benefits.
  • Benefits are not available for internships, field experience or independent study unless the work is part of a full-time course load for Fall or Spring Semester
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  the following benefits must be treated as taxable income to the employee and the employee must be receiving a paycheck from the University during the term in which the benefit is used:
    • Any graduate benefits received by employee (above $5,250 per calendar year,) or spouse, or domestic partner
    • Any undergraduate/graduate benefit received by domestic partner or dependent child of domestic partner
  • Refer to the Employee Handbook for further clarification of the benefit available 

After submitting the application, the information will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid for who will apply applicable benefit.  Each application will receive an acknowledgement confirming eligibility from the Human Resource Department.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid or the Bursar's office if you have further questions regarding your bill. Contact Human Resources if you have questions regarding eligibility.

**  Please note application for and questions about the Tuition Exchange program should be addressed directly to
      the Office of Financial Aid
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First time applying for benefits *
Are you currently using benefits *
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NOTE: Employee must be receiving a paycheck from the University during the term in which taxable benefits are being used.
NOTE: Must be legal dependent to qualify.  Children age 26 or over are not eligible for tuition benefit.
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If No, you are not eligible; reapply when accepted.
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