Baldwin Wallace University Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Report Form

Welcome to Baldwin Wallace University's Discrimination Incident Report Form 

If you have experienced or witnessed sex or gender-based discrimination (including sexual violence, harassment, domestic and dating violence, and stalking), a bias incident or hate crime, or another violation of University standards, please complete the form below.

Reporting via this form allows the Title IX Coordinator to offer supportive resources and resolution options to the affected individual(s). Completing this form does not require further response or participation by reporting parties or survivors. BW will protect the privacy of reporting parties and survivors to the extent possible under the law, including reasonable effort to abide by a party‚Äôs wish to remain anonymous. BW will balance requests for anonymity with the safety of other members of the community.

This form is not an emergency incident report. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

If the incident is ongoing, or if there is physical evidence pertaining to the incident (e.g. a sexual assault nurse examiner kit, vandalism, etc.), please call Safety and Security immediately at 440-826-2336. Do not tamper with any evidence: for example, keep voicemail messages or e-mail messages, do not remove vandalism, etc.

Please call 440-826-2160 with questions.


Discrimination and sexual misconduct may be reported anonymously. However, remaining anonymous can make it more difficult for a report to be thoroughly investigated. If you choose to disclose your name, please know that Baldwin Wallace University exercises discretion in responding to every report and upholds the privacy of reporting parties.