Partner Proposal for Spring 20224 (January 8- May 3) 
Deadline to submit: November 10, 2023
About Jacket Philanthropy Program: Thank you for your interest in serving as a partner with the BW Jacket Philanthropy Program! The Jacket Philanthropy Program is an experiential philanthropy program implemented through academic service-learning courses at BW.  In our 14 year history we have awarded over $250,000 to local partners through this student-led grant process. 
Students in participating courses provide 15 hours of direct service or project-based service to partnering organizations. In addition, students prepare a grant proposal and have the opportunity to award grant funds to selected organizations through a student-led grant review process.  This is a real funding review process, therefore not all partners will receive grant funding. 
Partner Committments: 
  • To attend a virtual JPP partner meeting prior to the beginning of the semester (early December 2023) 
  • To attend a class session at the beginning of the semester (late January 2024)  to meet your student team. 
  • To communicate clearly, professionally, and consistently the needs of my organization and our constituents.
  • To provide an orientation for BW students that includes information about the agency, staff, procedures, facility expectations and the students’ role and responsibilities
  • To provide a safe environment, and adequate and appropriate supervision for BW student volunteers.
  • To be available as a resource to the student team writing the grant.
  • To assist with the evaluation of the project and BW students by completing an evaluation form at the conclusion of the project and by meeting with designated BW staff or faculty, if requested.
  • To communicate any concerns or problems to the participating faculty member and/or Brain Center staff member.
  • To attend the Grant Awards Ceremony in April 2024
  • Our risk management office requires that we have a certificate of insurance (COI) with BW listed as a certificate holder on file for each of the organizations, schools, etc. to whom we send BW volunteers. We need an additional insured endorsement on each certificate as required by our insurance company.
Partner Benefits: 
  • Connect with a small group of committed student volunteers (group of 3-6 volunteers, each student will complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service or a project-based assignment with your organization)
  • A copy of a student-prepared grant proposal for a project proposed by your organization
  • The opportunity to receive grant funding (grants typically range from $1200 - $5000); please note: not all partners are able to be funded as this is a competitive grant process. 
  • Awareness raising about your organization's programs, services, and volunteer opportunities through class presentations and the final JPP Awards Ceremony
  • Promotion of your organization through campus news outlets about the program 
JPP Courses offered for SPRING 2024: 
  • Public Health 375: Health & Social Justice
  • English 309: Grant Writing *note: all JPP courses include a grant writing component ENG 309 is an in-depth seminar. 
Partners will be selected to participate based on a fit with the course content of one of these courses. 
Questions about the program or this proposal process? Please email: Christy Walkuski or call  440-826-2301

JPP Partner Proposal

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Overview of 3 JPP Courses: 
ENG 309: Grant Proposal Writing -  While all JPP courses include a grant proposal writing component, ENG 309  is an intensive seminar of instruction and practice in specialized forms of grant proposal writing. 
PHT 375: Health & Social Justice - Health is an asset and a resource critical to human development that benefits society as a whole. But realizing health for all members of society is a matter of social justice, which depends on reducing social and economic inequality and increasing democracy. This course will allow the student to explore many aspects of health inequalities including how health inequalities are rooted in injustices associated with racism, social class, and sex discrimination. Additionally, the course will review approaches that influence the social determinants of health and encourage students to develop principles for action and research.
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