The Sophomore Class Officers, with guidance from their staff advisor, coordinate several events associated with BW's annual Bold & Gold Festival (Homecoming) and serve as Student Giving Ambassadors for the annual BW Gives event.  Candidates for Sophomore Class Officer must be available for regular weekly meetings with their staff advisor in spring 2023 and fall 2023; Bold & Gold Festival events during fall 2023 to include the Pep Rally on September 28th and Homecoming Day on September 30th; and be available to assist with BW Gives in spring 2024.  

8pm EST on Sunday, March 26, 2023
*NOTE: This online form will not allow for submission after 8pm - please be sure to click "Submit" before 8:00pm EST.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 from 9am-9pm EST
Voting will take place on Blackboard.  The online ballot can also be accessed at http://vote.bw.edu. 

Please read all the information on this petition.  It is required that the entire petition be properly filled out and completed for the petition to be valid.  Failure to comply with specific policies mentioned on this petition could ultimately result in the invalidation of an election.

Candidates will be emailed the results of their election, preferably the night of the election, but no more than three days after the election.

To be eligible to run for Sophomore Class Officer/Student Giving Ambassador:
     * You must have earned between 25-56 credits by the end of your freshman year (2022-23)
     * You must have, and maintain throughout your term, at a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA)
     * You must be in good standing judicially with the university
     * You must be, and remain throughout your term, a full-time undergraduate student
     * Complete and submit this online petition by the due date listed under Petition Due Date

Platforms are optional.  If you would like to have your platform posted on the Student Government Jacket Connect Site please email it to the Supreme Court of Students at sgcourt@bw.edu.

Election questions should be directed to the Supreme Court of Students at sgcourt@bw.edu.

Questions about the specific role of Sophomore Class Officers should be directed to Jaime Yager, Sophomore Class Officer Advisor, at jyager@bw.edu.