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This form is the official online Entry Form for The Lester Prize for Portraiture and, together with The Lester Prize for Portraiture (Youth) Terms & Conditions (Terms & Conditions), govern the entry of a Portrait in the Prize.
Terms capitalised in this Entry Form have the meaning given to them in the Terms & Conditions.

Unless marked otherwise, all fields in this Entry Form are mandatory and must be fully and accurately completed. Entry Forms submitted with incomplete or inaccurate Mandatory Fields will not be considered for the Prize.
If you are under the age of 18 years, please ensure you have already downloaded the Consent Form from and had it signed by your Parent/Guardian.


By submitting this Entry Form, the Entrant agrees to the Terms & Conditions:
If the Artist is under the age of 18 years, the Artist's consent is provided by the Artist's parent or guardian in the form of the signed "Consent Form", and submission of this "Entry Form".

I confirm that I have, or if I am under the age of 18 years my Parent/Guardian has, read and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions:


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Are you a student?
Are you under the age of 18? *
Is the Portrait a result of an artistic collaboration?: *
If yes, I confirm that all named co-creators agree to the submission of the portrait into The Lester Prize:
The Artist is an Australian Resident (as defined in The Lester Prize Terms & Conditions) *
Is the Artist of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?


How did you hear about us? *


Works selected by The Lester Prize for exhibition must be available for the full duration of the Exhibition Season (no late deliveries accepted, no early collections permitted, all venues). 
I confirm that I and my Parent/Guardian (if I am under the age of 18 years) have read and understood this: *


Entrants may enter an UNLIMITED number of portraits but must complete separate Entry Forms and pay a separate Entry Fee for each entry.
Is the Portrait a self-portrait?: *


The requirements listed below are the "Portrait Requirements" for the purpose of clause 4.1 of the Terms & Conditions. To be eligible for the Prize, the Portrait must satisfy each of the Portrait Requirements.

The Artist

1. The Artist, or Artists, are all Australian Residents and:
    (a) aged 12 through 17 years; or
    (b) an Australian school or home-schooled student in years 7 to 12 of school, 
    as at 5.00 pm (AWST) on the Closing Date.

*This includes, for the avoidance of any doubt, an Australian school or home-schooled student who is aged 18 years or over and anyone aged 12 through 17 years who is no longer an Australian school or home-schooled student. *

Portrait Specifications

2. The Entrant confirms that:
    (a) the Portrait was completed in the 18 months' immediately preceding the Closing Date;
    (b) the Portrait is of a person who is, or persons who are each, an Australian Resident; and
    (c) the Portrait was created:
          i. as a result of the Subject sitting with the Artist for the purpose of the portrait; and/or
          ii. through the use of a photograph that was taken in the 24 months' immediately preceding the Closing Date. *
3. The Entrant confirms that:
    (a) the size of the Portrait is no larger than A1 in size (e.g. 59.4 cm x 84.1 cm) excluding the frame (if framed);
    (b) the weight of the Portrait is 20 kg or less (excluding the frame, if framed); and
    (c) the Portrait is capable of vertical display by hanging on a wall. *
4. If the Portrait is completed on paper, the Entrant confirms that the Portrait is framed. *

Subject's Consent

6. The Entrant confirms that:
    (a) the Subject of the Portrait consented to the Artist creating the Portrait (whether created from a photo of the Subject
          or through the Subject sitting for the Artist); and
    (b) the Subject of the Portrait consents to the Portrait being on public display and reproductions of the Portrait being
          published online for whatever purpose (including, but not limited to, promotional purposes). *

Photographer's Consent

7. If the Portrait is created through the use of a photograph, the Entrant confirms that:
    (a) the photographer consented to the Artist using the photograph to create the image; and
    (b) the Artist is not in breach of any intellectual property rights of the photographer or any other third party. *

Main Exhibition and Subsequent Exhibitions

8. The Entrant confirms that, if the Entrant is selected as a Finalist:
    (a) it is their responsibility to organise, and pay for, the delivery of the Finalist Portrait to the Delivery Venue;
    (b) it is their responsibility to arrange insurance to cover the Portrait during the Exhibition Period (if the Entrant wants to
          insure their Portrait);
    (c) the Portrait will be available for exhibition for the entire Exhibition Period; and
    (d) the Entrant will comply with the requirements in clauses 8 (Delivery location, date and time), 9 (Exhibition
         requirements for Finalist Portraits
) and 10 (Reusable Packaging Requirements) of the Terms & Conditions.


The following information will be used on artwork labels alongside portraits on display or exhibited, in any exhibition book or brochure, promotional material, electronic, digital and print media, and for educational purposes.
Please ensure that all details including spelling and grammar are correct.
We recommend that you copy and paste these details from a word document in case an error occurs and you need to re-submit the form.
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All images of the completed portrait must be high quality. The images will be used for pre-selection purposes, display and exhibition purposes, in any exhibition book or brochure, promotional material, electronic, digital and print media, and for educational purposes. You can attach up to two (2) images of your portrait - one complete artwork and one close up.
All portraits must be labelled in the following format:  Surname_Firstname_1 (image 1 or 2 detail)
Acceptable formats: JPG, TIF or PNG format (we suggest 300 dots per inch (DPI) – 15cm on its longest side)
File size: must not exceed 5MB


If the Artist is under the age of 18 years, entries must be accompanied by a signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form which provides consent for the Artist's portrait to be entered into the Prize, and confirms that the Parent/Guardian has accepted the Prize Terms & Conditions on behalf of the Artist.

To download a Parent/Guardian Consent Form, visit The Lester Prize website:

I confirm a signed copy of my Parent/Guardian Consent Form has been uploaded via this online Entry Form (as above): *


Entry into this competition is $15 (incl. GST).
Payment can be made online (via credit card or PayPal) or by Electronic Funds Transfer to:
Account name: The Lester Prize
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 036-011
Account number: 616710
Your ref: Student Last name_First name initial_YOUTH or School name_YOUTH (if paying for more than one student's entry) e.g. "SmithAYOUTH" or "BestHighSchoolYOUTH"
Please ensure you email your online payment receipt to before the Closing Date to ensure your payment is matched to your entry.
Contact The Lester Prize if you cannot make payment by one of these methods. The Lester Prize reserves the right to accept payment of the Entry Fee by alternative means.
After you click the SUBMIT/PAYMENT PAGE button at the bottom of this form you will be taken to the secure payment portal. 
Choose your payment method below: *


Thank you for taking the time to complete your entry. 
You will receive a confirmation email after pressing the SUBMIT/PAYMENT PAGE button below.
If you do not receive this email, please contact our office:
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CLOSING DATE: 05.00pm (AWST) on 9th February 2024
Please submit this "Entry Form" online. Entries after this time will not be accepted.
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