2018 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture Entry Form - Youth

This form is the official online "Entry Form" for the 2018 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture (Youth category) and represents the first stage of the entry process.
Once all details on this form are completed press SUBMIT.
The "Consent Form" (which is available from our website: www.blackswanprize.com.au) must be submitted to ARTrinsic Inc by 5pm (AWST) on Tuesday 31 July 2018 (note: a deadline extension has been applied, previously 27/07/18).
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For Year 11 & 12 Visual Arts students:
Please consider carefully the artwork you intend to submit to the BSPP Youth category and whether it may also be required for submission to WACE, as this may limit your ability to participate in the BSPP Youth Exhibition, the digital Big Screen Exhibitions, and the Outdoor Exhibitions due to WACE's requirements/review period. Works selected by BSPP for exhibition must be available for the full duration of the Exhibition Season (no late deliveries accepted, no early collections permitted, all venues). To avoid disappointment, we recommend that the same artwork not be used for BSPP and WACE. Please acknowledge you have read and understood this: *


All Artists must read and agree to the 2018 Youth Black Swan Prize Terms & Conditions ("Terms & Conditions"). This document can be downloaded from our website: www.blackswanprize.com.au
If an Artist is under the age of 18 years, the Artist's consent is provided by the Artist's parent or guardian in the form of the signed "Consent Form", and submission of this "Entry Form".
Has the Artist (or their parent or guardian) read and does the Artist (or their parent or guardian) agree to the 2018 Youth Black Swan Prize for Portraiture Terms & Conditions?: *


Number of entries: *
Payment Method: *
· We do not accept credit card payments.
· Payment can be made via cheque or money order.
· Please ensure cheques and money orders are made out to "Artrinsic Inc".
· Attach your cheque or money order to the "Consent Form" and post to:

The Treasurer

ARTrinsic Inc

PO Box 1110, NEDLANDS WA 6909


· Payment can be made via direct deposit to:

Account Name: Artrinsic Inc

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 016460

Account Number: 488333131

Amount: $15.00 per entry

Your ref: Last name_Student first name initial_YOUTH or School name_YOUTH (if paying for more than 1 student's entry) e.g. "SmithAYouth" or "BetterHighschoolYouth"

**Important Note: please ensure you email your online banking receipt to info@blackswanprize.com.au to ensure your  payment is matched to your entry by the closing date**


PORTRAIT DETAILS: Please complete all fields 
Note: Artists can enter up to two (2) portraits. Please complete separate forms for each entry.
Note: Artworks do not have to be available for sale. A commission of 30% + GST will be added to the price listed. 


The following information will be used alongside portraits on display or exhibited, in promotional material, electronic or print media, any exhibition catalogue, and for educational purposes.
Please ensure that all details including spelling and grammar are correct.
We recommend that you copy and paste these details into a Word document in case an error occurs and you need to resubmit the form.
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All images of the portrait must be of a high quality and no larger than 5MB in size. The images may be used for display or exhibition purposes, printing in any exhibition catalogue, for pre-selection purposes, promotional material, electronic and print media, and educational purposes. You can attach up to two (2) images of your portrait - one close up and one complete portrait.
All portraits must be labelled in the following format e.g.:  Surname_Firstname_1 (image 1 or 2) and saved in JPG format.


All Youth entries must be accompanied by a signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form which provides consent for the Artist's portrait to be entered into the Prize, and confirms that the Parent/Guardian has accepted the Prize Terms & Conditions on behalf of the Artist.
Choose from one of the following. A signed copy of my Parent/Guardian Consent Form will be: *


Thank you for taking the time to complete the first stage of your entry.
•  STEP 1:  Press SUBMIT (green button below) to send your entry form to ARTrinsic Inc.  
•  STEP 2:  Download, print and complete the "Consent Form" from our website (www.blackswanprize.com.au)
•  STEP 3:  Post your "Consent Form" with your cheque/money order to:
    The Treasurer
    ARTrinsic Inc
    PO Box 1110
    NEDLANDS WA 6909
IMPORTANT: You will receive a confirmation email after pressing the "SUBMIT" button. If you do not receive this email, please contact us: info@blackswanprize.com.au
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CLOSING DATE: 5pm (AWST) on Tuesday 31 July 2018 **please note deadline has been extended from 27 July 2018)
Please submit this "Entry Form" online and post the "Consent Form" to:
The Treasurer, Artrinsic Inc, PO Box 1110, Nedlands WA 6909 with your cheque/money order.
Entries after this time will not be accepted.