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Arizona PTA Sponsorship & Summer Leadership Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Screening Form

Companies and organizations wishing to participate in the exhibition or activities held during the Arizona PTA Summer Leadership Camps are required to completed this screening form. This form will be utilized in the process of approval and inclusion in the exhibition. Completion of the form does not denote approval. Each organization's products and/or services should be appropriately related to children, youth, and the charitable and educational activities of PTA. Any company or organization whose products, services, or materials are in direct opposition to PTA's mission and purposes will not be approved. Companies wishing to participate may be required to submit materials for further review but should submit materials only upon request. Please read and check all boxes prior to signing. Questions about this form should be submitted via email to *
 Please check all boxes to confirm you have read and understand the terms of this form.
We understand that the acronym 'PTA' or name 'Arizona PTA' are copyrighted names and cannot be utilized in any exhibitor's materials.
We understand fundraising materials cannot state that students or children are participating in the fundraising process. This includes collection of monies, the actual selling, and participation in the fundraiser. We understand that all fundraisers must be structured so that an adult is doing the fundraising.
We understand the use of Arizona PTA's logo is not permitted and any company utilizing the PTA's logo will be asked to remove the logo from company materials.
Our company will not ask Arizona PTA delegates to lobby any government agency or official.
Our organization does not participate in disseminating information that is of a partisan or sectarian nature.
We understand that materials must be in accordance with Arizona PTA's position statements and resolutions and that any company whose products, services, or materials that are in direct opposition to Arizona PTA's position statements or resolutions will not be approved.
Our company's products and/or services are appropriately related to children, youth, and the charitable and educational activities of the PTA.
We understand that our company is subject to final approval upon show opening and may be evicted rom its rented space and further participation with Arizona PTA for not adhering to the above statements.
Our product/program is not sponsored, supported, or endorsed by another company. (If it is, please email that information to with this form).
Our organization is not involved in any of the following: tobacco, vouchers, firearms, religion, alcohol, or adult content.
The products being sold are physically safe for people to handle.
We understand that canvassing or distributing advertising materials outside of assigned booth space is NOT permitted.
We understand that payment for booth is required before setting up at the event.
We understand that booth space is NOT to be sublet or re-assigned.

Summer Leadership Camp Exhibitor Application

Please select type of organization. If your organization is a non-profit please email before completing this form. Thank you. *
Do you plan to sell product? *
Have you exhibited at an Arizona PTA event before? *
*Note: Arizona PTA will make every effort to fulfill all requests but makes no guarantees, as booth assignments will be dependent upon booth space available at the time the exhibitor's application is received, approved, and processed. 
Exhibit booth space for Summer Leadership Camp includes:
*Standard Exhibit Space is $100 at either location or $185 for both locations!
*Exhibiting will take place between 8:30AM-11AM. Set up begins at 7AM and teardown is after 11AM.
*Exhibitors must bring their own table.
*We will provide 2 chairs and a waste basket.

All exhibitors during Summer Leadership Camps will receive:
*Listing as a Friend of Arizona PTA on our website for 3 months.
*A single ad in our Weekend Update weekly e-Newsletter for 1 month which goes out to over 20,000 subscribers.
Current Total:
Restrictions in operation of exhibits: Arizona PTA reserves the right to restrict, at its sole discretion, exhbits that because of noise, method of operation, offensive language, materials, or any other reason; become objectionable and also to prohibit or evict any part of or all of an exhibit that, in the opinion of Arizona PTA, may detract from the general character of the exhibition as a whole. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed materials, or anything of character that Arizona PTA determines objectionable to the exhibition. In the event of such restruction or eviction, Arizona PTA is not liable for any refunds of rentals or other exhibit expenses. 


In the event that because of war, fire, strike, government regulation, or other cause, the Conference or any part thereof is prevented from being held, or is canceled by Arizona PTA, the Arizona PTA shall determine and refund to the applicant on a prorated basis after the deduction of expenses incurred by Arizona PTA, but in no case shall the amount of the refund to the applicant exceed the amount of the fee paid.

In witness whereof, the applicant has caused this application to be executed individually or by an officer, agent, or representative duly authorized to execute the same and agrees on behalf of the exhibiting organization to abide by the rules and regulations as stated within the Exhibitor Prospectus and application. Only firms and organizations who's nonpartisan and nonsectarian services or products are appropriately related in the sole judgement of the Arizona PTA, to children, youth, and the charitable and educational activities of PTA shall be permitted to exhibit. refer to rules and regulations of this contract for more details. Payment in full must be made with the signed application and screening form. Failure to pay in full will cause the return of this application without processing. *
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