PTA Leadership Training

Welcome to Arizona PTA eLeadership Training! This online course is divided into sections that will help you to understand all roles and responsibilities as a PTA board member and once completed, will meet the requirement for mandatory PTA board training (Unified Local PTA/PTSA Unit Bylaws). 
All sections of the quiz must be completed with 80% accuracy and payment of $35 per course participant must be received in order to be considered in compliance with the required training standard. Please make sure to complete the training online by NOVEMBER 1, 2019 to remain in Good Standing with Arizona PTA. * The deadline for the online training has been extended to November 1 to account for the delay in availability. 
These trainings are required for the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer which are the four primary officers as per the Unified Local PTA/PTSA Unit Bylaws. We understand that your PTA may have multiple vice presidents or other officers as per your individual standing rules and your PTA may require those officers attend training, however the primary 4 officers as stipulated in the Unified Local PTA/PTSA Unit Bylaws are who Arizona PTA requires for training. Your PTA has the discretion to have as many additional board officers participate in training as stipulated in your PTA's individual standing rules. Each officer must take his/her own individual course. There is no piggy backing on to another officer's training session. 
The course is $35 per person. Your training is not complete without the payment for these courses. We are only accepting online payment for the course and we do not have a paper and pencil version. You should submit your PayPal receipt to your PTA to reimburse you for the cost of this training if you pay for the courses using your personal debit/credit card. Arizona PTA will keep track of all officers who have completed training successfully.  If you fail any part of this course, you will have to retake what you've missed. You will not be charged again if you have to re-take a workshop. Failure of a PTA to not ensure all board officers are trained by November 1 will result in the PTA being suspended and not in good standing. Continued failure to ensure all board officers are trained could result in your PTA being dissolved. 
If you attended Arizona PTA Convention or an Arizona PTA Bootcamp and were only able to partially complete the training there, please email for a coupon code to avoid payment.  
Please contact your Region Director or Arizona PTA ( if you have ANY questions about training or payment prior to starting the online workshop. There are no refunds for training. 
I understand I must complete the entire quiz and make full payment to fulfill the annual mandatory PTA training requirement. *
Arizona PTA's eLearning course is $35. If you attended Convention and need to complete your courses, please contact for a coupon code. Training must be completed by September 30. *
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