Insurance Form

As a benefit of being a charter of the Arizona PTA, local unit and Council PTAs have access to a discounted $1M General Liability, $1M Officers Liability and $25K Crime and Fidelity bond insurance policy. (Additional insurance coverage for medical and property is available and can be purchased via AIM directly.) Policy coverage is contingent upon receipt of the insurance application and full payment to Arizona PTA. Premium payment is due by June 30 each year. 

A late fee is assessed on all late payments made or postmarked after June 30.

Failure to pay the annual insurance premium and return the signed application form will result in a local unit or Council not being covered. Any loss or liability incurred during the course of the year while uninsured will be at the unit or Council's expense and failure to purchase insurance will result in the PTA being dissolved as a chapter of Arizona and National PTA. 

A copy of the PTA's Certificate of Insurance will be mailed to the school's address in care of your PTA directly from AIM (800) 876-4044. It will also be mailed to your additional insured. Certificates of Insurance are typically mailed by late August/early September directly from AIM.

Have you had insurance declined, cancelled, or non-renewed in the past 3 years? *
Have you had any insurance claims in the past 3 years? *

Additional Insured

Please fill out this section if your school district or school requires you to name them as an additional insured on your policy. This is optional but please check to confirm with your school/school district for their requirements.  There is no charge to add an additional insured to your policy. Please note, adding an Additional Insured means you agree to share the total limits of the policy